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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access to the study materials?

After registering for the course, the candidate will have access to all study modules for twelve months. The candidate can petition for more time for up to an additional six months. Access is limited to the individual or their single designee for the allotted time period.

What if I'm not happy with my purchase?

Due to the digital nature of the materials and the lack of available protection for retrieving the intellectual property provided to our students, once purchased the course is non-refundable.

What support is available if I get stuck with something?

We're here to help! Simply email or call (email is quicker and allows for a more comprehensive, easy-to-understand answer). We'll respond within 24 hours with an answer or request for additional information. We provide a clear answer and guide you to the section of the guidebook for further explanation. We provide a review course for all CCO exam candidates.

Are there any additional materials I need to purchase?

Upon payment of the tuition for the exam ($2,895),  students are given full access to all 20 study modules and both a print copy of the 800+ page study guide and audit manual, along with a Word document that has over 500 pages of compliance checklists and forms.

How do I know if this is right for me?


You've struggled to find an opportunity to advance that doesn't require an advanced degree. Our certification course relies on real world experience, coupled with complete instructions on how to perform compliance audits from start to finish. We avoid the guesswork, and also provide ongoing training opportunities and business marketing expertise.

You want to find a business where there is significant demand for your services, and job security.

The current average salary for cannabis compliance auditors and directors is $83,000 annually. However, self employed cannabis compliance auditors can easily earn more than $200,000 annually. Not convinced?  Talk to us for career advice and how to market.


You want to go into business for yourself with unlimited earning potential.

The services offered by Certified Compliance Officers ("CCO's") are seeing demand skyrocket. Cannabis licensees realize that regulators are giving out fines in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and hiring a CCO to  perform compliance audits will  pay for itself by recognizing and fixing potential issues.

This may not be for you if...

You're not willing to put in the work.

Becoming a CCO requires time and effort to pass the exam. Are you willing to trade six months of studying for a lifetime of opportunity in a huge growth marketplace?


Money and job security don't motivate you.

Every cannabis licensee needs your services. With fines, license suspensions and compliance audits on the rise, there are more jobs than there are candidates.  Check out our job board for over 200 listed compliance jobs.

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